Pelco Structural, LLC your alternative for made-to-order pole assemblies
for the Traffic Control, Utility, Lighting and Communication Industries.

Every product custom built by Pelco Structural is designed for efficiency, value, and a specific project.  We
follow a customer-first business model as opposed to a profit-first model like some competitors.

Pelco Structural is centrally located in Claremore, OK, which enables poles to be delivered efficiently to any
part of the country.  Pelco Structural also has its own delivery trucks and uses a point of delivery system. 

This system enables the delivery trucks to strategically deliver to the installation site on a specific date and time.  The point of delivery system
saves time and money spent on loading and unloading from the truck and time wasted by workers having to wait for a pole to be at the
installation site.  This on-site and on-time delivery is guaranteed so that every customer's project schedule can be maintained.

With over 40 years of experience in marketing, designing, and manufacturing of steel poles, you can rely on our seasoned professional staff
to fully meet your requirements for on-time delivery and exacting quality at a price you can afford.


To learn more about Pelco Structural and the products we make, 
please take a moment to watch our introduction video.